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Early California Olive Recipes - Made with Delicious California Black Ripe Olives
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Foodservice Industry

Musco Family Olive Co. has been supplying the foodservice industry for over 50 years. We offer a full range of olives packaged in foodservice sizes.

Black Ripe Olives

Foodservice operators find Musco Black Pearls Olives among the most versatile ingredients they can use. Ready-to-serve, with little or no preparation required, Black Pearls add a gourmet touch to snacks and sandwiches, soups and sauces, hors d'oeuvres and entrees. As a garnish, they transform the simplest dish into something special. Pearls whole, wedged, and chopped Black Ripe Olives are an essential ingredient in many ethnic cooking styles including Greek, Italian, and Mexican recipes. Depending on the size of olive, Pearls contain only four to eighteen calories per olive, making them a welcoming and appetizing addition to diet plates and slimming salads.

Sicilian Green Olives

We use only hand-picked, premium Sevillano olives, curing them in a natural process that takes over six months for the olives to attain their peak flavor and unique crisp texture. This old-world, traditional method requires more time and effort but the resulting flavor, texture, and color make it easy to distinguish Pearls Sicilian Green Olives from all others. Offer your customers the #1 choice in Californian Sicilian Green Olives.

For more information please contact us at sales@olives.com.

Early California Olives Recipes
Early California Olives Recipes
Early California Olives Recipes
Early California Olives Recipes