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Early California Olive Recipes - Made with Delicious California Black Ripe Olives
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Musco Family Olive Co. - Think Greek Olive Platter
Musco Family Olive Co. - Super Olive Scones
Musco Family Olive Co. - French Olive Platter

Quick & Easy Entertaining for Olive Lovers

Black Olive Bruschetta

Think Greek

Super Scones

French Platter


South of the Border 7-Layer Dip

Prosciutto Wrapped Olives

Olive Salsa Cruda

Pepperoni Olive Florets

Olive Spears


Santa Fe Chicken Enchilada Stacks

Black Olive Pizza

Greek Lemon Chicken with Pearls Black Ripe Olives

Meatless Tacos

Black Olive Lasagna

Swordfish with Tomato & Olives

Caprese Sandwich with Olives

Chicken Pita with Olives, Feta and Yogurt Sauce

Muffaleta Sandwich

Penne Pasta with Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Olives and Goat Cheese

Puttanesca Linguini

Salads & Sides

Greek Salad

Antipasto Salad

Salad Nicoise

Tortellini Salad

Delicious Everyday Salad

Fabulous Pasta Salad

Spicy Ranchero Taco Salad

Olives with White Beans, Roasted Red Bell Peppers and Pepperoncini


The Bloody Olive

Olive Infusion Martini

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Kids hungry? Give them a snack with more nutrients and a lot less sugar or saturated fat than most snacks. A Black Ripe olive on each fingertip will fill their stomachs and get lots of smiles, too!

Visit the Mediterranean! Grab your favorite bottle of wine and a small dish of Kalamata Specialties olives. For a few moments you might feel like you're on a sunny Mediterranean shore!

Unexpected guests? Impress your guests by serving a bowl piled high with one of our Specialties olives: Kalamatas, Jalapeno-stuffed Queens, or Garlic-stuffed Queens. Or better yet, serve all three!