California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosures

Musco Family Olive Company wholeheartedly condemns the use of child labor, human trafficking, and slave labor. We believe that all companies have a responsibility and opportunity to positively impact these basic human rights issues. We also understand that these, and many other positive social programs currently underway in the agricultural industry, are a work in progress. These programs should not be viewed as book-end policies, left to gather dust on the shelf; instead, these are living programs that evolve as each company learns the intricacies of its own supply chain and management. Musco is proud to be third party SQF Ethical Sourcing certified and to do its part to advance worldwide human rights and environmental stewardship. Below are the disclosures required by the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2012:

If you would like to learn more about our Ethical Sourcing and Stewardship programs, please visit our other website pages, or contact us. We are proud to offer California black ripe and green olives that are backed by the most robust social and environmental program in the industry, and offer our customers third party verification to prove it! The vast majority of Musco Family olives are grown and processed in California.

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