"Musco is proof that innovative environmental solutions are not only attainable but also good business. You always can improve on a good thing."

Felix Musco, President and CEO

Musco Family Olive Co. is the leading supplier of table olives in America, and our Tracy, CA plant is the most advanced olive processing facility in the world.

But did you know we're also a leader in environmental sustainability? At our 350 acre headquarters we're driving towards a 100% renewable production process with two clear goals - to create a better value for olive lovers, and to help the health of our planet.

Musco Family Olive Co. surrounded by NyPa grass

Soil salinity has long been an issue in the Central Valley. State rules to control salty discharge have caused numerous food producers to leave the state, and others to simply close their doors. Musco Family Olive Co. is a third generation California business, and we plan to be here for decades more to come. So our response has been to tackle the salinity challenge head on.

NyPa Grass

We first turned to straight to Mother Nature, and a remarkable grass called NyPa. This grass has an uncanny love of salt and gobbles up tons of the stuff each year. NyPa had never been put into widespread use until we decided to take a chance.

The 180-acre crop is irrigated with process water from our facility. When plants are mature, the NyPa crop is harvested, bundled, and sold to ranchers as cattle feed (they tell us the cattle uttery love the grass's salty taste). The salt is permanently removed from the soil, and the crop can renew itself again and again.

So far, we're the only company in America taking this unique approach to wastewater, an approach that allows us to treat the majority of our salty wastewater without ever flicking a switch.

But when we do flick a switch, it's a doozy!

Olive Pits ready for renewable energy use at Musco Family Olive Co.

Musco's Environmental Achievements
by the numbers

  • 8 billion olive pits transformed into carbon-neutral energy, annually
  • 80% reduction in salt and mineral use since 1985
  • 90% of water recycled onsite
  • 100% of wastewater kept onsite in a closed loop system
  • 98.5% of waste diverted from landfill into reuse or institutional recycling

In the past 15 years we've cut salt and mineral use at the Tracy plant by 80%. We've now recycled nearly 1.5 billion gallons onsite using our closed loop system. We are the only California olive producer that doesn't discharge into rivers or into the sea.

At Musco we truly believe in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our facilities are stocked with energy-efficient lighting, pumps, and motors. And our distribution and logistics program is optimizing intermodal transportation to make sure that our healthful products are shipped by the most energy and cost-effective means available.


NyPa grass watering at Musco Family Olive co.

Musco Family Olive Co. - Who We AreMusco Family Olive Co. - Who We Are

Entertain like a pro

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