Olive Growers

At Musco Family Olive Co., we recognize that it all starts with the olive tree. And the steward of that tree is the California olive grower.

Nearly all of the olives grown in America come from California. Multi-generational farms work tirelessly to produce this delicious but often unpredictable fruit. California may not be the biggest olive growing region in the world, but our growers lead the world in efficiency, consistently producing trees with the best olive yields on Earth. Today, over 1,200 growers tend orchards on 35,000 acres in the warm inland valleys of California, continuing a long and venerable tradition.

Musco Family Olive Co. utilizes over half of the olives produced by these growers. We’re proud to partner with these stewards of the land. The heart and passion they put into each tree shows in every Pearls and Early California product we put on the shelf. You’ll taste that goodness in your sandwich, pasta, martini, or right off your fingertips!