Culture & People

There are no two ways of saying it: working in an agricultural company is hard work. As an industry, we do almost 40% of our total sales in the 4th quarter. When 4th quarter rolls around, the adrenaline really starts pumping, and everyone gears up. Our crop starts coming in shortly after Labor Day and lasts into the end of October. Every crop is different and has its own set of challenges – and opportunities. We're proud to say that we have many long-tenured employees – but even so, you won't find an employee who can say, "I've seen it all."

Pride of ownership

Our employees have taken us to the leading position in the industry, and we're very proud of our Pearls and Early California brands (America's leading brands) as well as being a major supplier of store brands. We work hard, and the fruits of our labor have been the shared joy of growing our company. Recent industry consolidation has afforded us the opportunity to welcome to the Musco Family many long-term employees from our former competitors. We have all grown and prospered by combining the best practices of these companies with our existing ones and making them ours. Our family of employees is approximately 350 people depending on the season.

Every voice is heard

Our recent growth has given us the renewed opportunity to lay the framework for the future. Decisions at Musco are made at every level in the organization. We face the challenges of a large company, but the flexibility and informality of a small company allows us to foster a dynamic work environment. "Only eight out of every ten decisions need to be right," our founder, Nicolo Musco was noted as saying. It's this spirit of risk-taking that gives our employees such great pride in our accomplishments.

Stuff 'em

The hole in the middle of those Black olives is just screaming to be filled. Try stuffing them with a crumble of your favorite cheese like gorgonzola or feta. For an even fancier Greek snack take your feta-stuffed olives, drizzle with a little Greek dressing, and serve them with toothpicks - who needs the salad?