Musco Olives Products

"My Grandfather, Nicolo, the founder of Musco Family Olive Co., brought his olive expertise from Italy to California with the ambition of making a good thing even better. We continue this tradition by offering only those olives with the finest texture and taste. Whether in your favorite recipes or on the tips of your fingers, you will not find a richer olive than ours."

Felix Musco, President Musco Family Olive Co.

Depending on where you live, either Pearls® or Early California® brand are available at your local retailers.

Black Ripe

Musco uses a unique California curing process that removes the bitterness and gives our olives their smooth, savory flavor, provides the right amount of texture, and produces a rich, dark-brown color. Using sea salt rather than iodized salt, this curing process requires more time, effort, and expense, but the results distinguish our Black Ripe Olives from all the others.

Fresh Cured

Naturally great-tasting, Fresh Cured™ Green Ripe Olives are California-grown, hand-picked, then cured immediately after harvesting using only sea salt and water. This time-honored process preserves their natural color variations, retains their firm, juicy texture, and brings out a delicious buttery flavor that makes them a popular choice among consumers. 

Spanish Green

What makes our green olives so special? We start by hand-harvesting the olives to ensure quality. We then send them through a pasteurization process that produces an olive that's lower in salt and has the best taste and color of any green olive on the market.



Our Kalamata Olives are the most popular olive in the Specialties™ category. Grown in Greece, these flavorful Kalamata Olives deliver a rich, authentic Mediterranean flavor when included in any pasta or salad dish, in breads, or just by themselves as a snack.

Jalapeño Stuffed

Another popular item in our Specialties™ line is our Stuffed Queen Jalapeño Olives. They're stuffed with real jalapeños that add a south-of-the-border kick that everyone will love. They create a new spicy kick when added to any snack, in salads and sandwiches, or as a party appetizer.

Garlic Stuffed

The third olive in our Specialties™ line is our Stuffed Queen Garlic Olives. They're stuffed with real garlic–never a paste–to provide that extra burst of flavor and an authentic, spicy addition to pastas, appetizer trays, vegetable side dishes, or even a quick and zesty snack. 

Pearls Olives Recipes
pearls olives recipes
pearls olives recipes
pearls olives recipes