Musco takes pride in being a responsible company and providing a safe, healthy, and inspiring environment for our employees. Musco currently employs over 200 full-time employees at its three locations, and employs approximately 150 temporary and seasonal employees. We provide our employees with numerous opportunities for engagement through different employee programs provided by Musco. Rotating teams such as Continuous Improvement and Safety Committee, keep employees involved with continuously improving our workplace through their vision and insightful ideas.

We are a workplace that encourages employees to also reduce their personal environmental footprint by involving them in our sustainability initiatives. They are educated and constantly reminded of our corporate environmental impact and are encouraged to take our responsible resource management practices home with them. A part of this includes our employee rideshare program where we promote and encourage employees ridesharing to work. Employees also benefit from a wellness program where they are given opportunities to track their daily steps, calories burned, and miles walked. This unique program also allows employees to compete against each other to encourage exercise and build employee morale while also exercising their way to win prizes.

Musco proudly gives charitable donations to organizations in our community and also helps feed the local community by donating olives to local food banks and schools.