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Join the Table Olive Revolution

Musco Family Olive Co. – America’s largest olive company — is leading the transformation of the table olive industry, and we want you to grow with our family. Modern table olive orchards apply newly perfected, state-of-the-art planting and harvesting to one of the world’s most drought-tolerant tree crops for proven superior financial results. In today’s ever-changing environment, olive trees are the smart choice.

California’s Crop of the Future

  • High Drought Tolerance & Long Lifespan
  • Free Nursery Stock For Early Pioneer Partners
  • Olive Crops Are Not Reliant On Export Sales
  • Twenty Year Contracts Available
  • Mechanization Greatly Reduces Harvest Costs
  • Lower Water Usage Than Almond & Walnut Orchards
  • High Density Planting Maximizes Tons Per Acre
  • Partner With America’s Largest Olive Company
Proven mechanical harvesting.
Premium manzanilla olives. World’s most efficient ripe olive plant. America’s favorite olive brand.
“Musco has been a great partner as we work together to revolutionize the table olive industry, providing proven profits and great crop diversification.”

~ Heath Burreson, Olive Grower, Orland, CA

Consumers of black ripe olives prefer California-grown 5 to 1 over those imported from Spain.

Consumers Love CA-Grown
US Black Ripe Olive Consumers

Prefer grown in Spain


Prefer grown in California

Q: Olives come from many parts of the world. For black ripe olives in a can (either pitted or sliced), please tell us which region you would most prefer your olives to come from.
Source: 2018 MFOC Brand Tracker; National Sample