One Million Trees
of Transformation

Join the Table Olive Revolution

Musco Family Olive Co. is leading the transformation of the table olive industry and we want you to grow with our family. Modern table olive orchards apply newly perfected, state-of-the-art planting and harvesting to one of the world’s oldest tree crops for proven superior results. There is opportunity in any crop transition, so act today!

California’s Crop of the Future

  • Free nursery stock for early pioneer partners
  • Highly favorable proven results
  • Long-term contracts available
  • Mechanization greatly reduces harvest costs
  • High density planting maximizes tons per acre
  • Long lifespan & high drought tolerance
  • Lower water usage than almond & walnut orchards
  • Partner with America’s #1 ripe olive company
  • California production services domestic demand—no export
Proven mechanical harvesting.
Premium manzanilla olives. World’s most efficient ripe olive plant. America’s favorite olive brand.
“Musco has been a great partner as we work together to revolutionize the table olive industry, providing proven profits and great crop diversification.”

~ Heath Burreson, Olive Grower, Orland, CA

Consumers of black ripe olives prefer California-grown 5 to 1 over those imported from Spain.

Consumers Love CA-Grown
US Black Ripe Olive Consumers

Prefer grown in Spain


Prefer grown in California

Q: Olives come from many parts of the world. For black ripe olives in a can (either pitted or sliced), please tell us which region you would most prefer your olives to come from.
Source: 2018 MFOC Brand Tracker; National Sample