America’s #1 Olive Brand

Musco is a financially strong, well-managed, 75-year-old, 3rd-generation U.S. family-owned company. We are committed to quality products, growing the market, and environmental stewardship.

Our Values

Rooted in expertise from the olive groves of Italy and built over many generations of active family involvement, Musco produces America’s favorite olive. We owe our success and prosperity to our extended family of employees, olive growers, vendors, business partners, and of course to our customers, who are the strength, support, and the very roots of Musco Family Olive Co.

  • The world’s leading table olive processing plant and most efficient ripe olive packer in the world
  • First food processing plant in the world to achieve Level 2 SQF Ethical Sourcing Certification
  • near Zero-waste facility
  • Low water usage: closed-circuit system with none of our water leaving the facility
  • Strategically located in central California

US Government Protects CA Olive Growers

In June 2018 The U.S. Department of Commerce announced trade action against Spanish suppliers of Ripe Olives with duties ranging from 30-45%. These duties were put in place to offset the “effects caused by injurious dumping and subsidization of imports into the United States.” Beginning in October 2019, the U.S. began applying World Trade Organization approved tariffs on certain EU goods. Inclusive of 25% tariffs on bulk and finished goods from Spain.

Our Commitment to CA.

  • Committed to the California olive grower
  • Committed to the premium California Manzanilla variety for ripe olives
  • Spearheading mechanical harvesting to reduce grower cost
  • Offering growers free trees to expand modern acreage
  • Focused on developing innovative products to drive consumption growth
  • Musco will continue its commitment to the California table olive industry
“Musco Family Olive Company is 100% committed to the California Grower.”

~ Felix Musco, CEO, Musco Family Olive Co.

Stable Market with Upside

  • Black ripe olive category is well-established and very stable
  • Musco’s new snack cups innovation is driving table olive category growth in the U.S.
  • Musco pioneered brineless olives in cups for snacking, which is now the fastest-growing segment and #1 selling item in the country
  • As with most shelf-stable categories, Covid has been a boon to category growth
  • Foodservice is also a significant channel that represents huge additional demand upside for Musco

Olive Experts Since the 18th Century in Sicily
Always Family-Owned and Run

100% Grown and Packed in Sunny California
Picked at the Peak of Freshness

We Care, and Generate Nearly Zero Waste
Over 2 Billion Gallons of Water Recycled

America’s Favorite Olive* for a Reason
Finest Quality Guaranteed

America’s Favorite Olive

Musco is the #1 black ripe olive brand in all retail channels and also supplies a large portion of private label, totaling more than half the U.S. market

100% CA-Grown Messaging

  • Musco is investing in National marketing to drive the CA-Grown story
  • Promotes superior taste and quality of CA-grown via influential chefs
  • Markets 100% CA-Grown message via radio and packaging brand refresh
  • Promotes brand awareness and tie to “Sunny California”
  • Drives California with key foodie influencers and celebrities such as Mario Lopez and Martha Quinn.