Proven Returns

With the help of our grower-partners, Musco has proven the viability and economics of modern acreage with mechanical harvesting, delivering financial returns that beat competitive crops.

Modern Table Olives Profit Per Acre Surpasses
Competitive Crops (4-Year Average)
*Source: Burreson Ranch; Other Grower Actuals; UC Davis; USDA FAS
“My investment in modern table olive acreage has outperformed my nut acreage dramatically.”

~ Heath Burreson, Olive Grower, Orland, CA

Historical data shows almonds and walnut profitably trending down over the last 7 years. Recent developments have driven a positive step change in economics making new olive plantings in California more attractive than ALL other tree crops.

Table Olives Price Per Pound Increasing
vs. Primary Competitive Crops
Olives $/LB
Almonds $/LB
Walnuts $/LB
Source: Industry Actuals; UC Davis