Frequently Asked Questions

What is that white stuff in the can?

Oil is naturally occurring in olives and the white stuff you see is just an emulsion of water and olive oil. It is not dangerous and does not indicate spoilage. The amount of oil in olives varies year to year based on the crop, type or really cold weather conditions. You can rinse the olives in warm water, in a strainer to remove the olive oil residue and enjoy!

I have a food allergy, can I eat your olives?

All of our California Grown Ripe Olives are made in a facility that does not process nuts. However, the Spanish pimiento-stuffed olives are run on the same production line that processes almond-stuffed olives (at a facility in Spain). We have been assured by our supplier that the lines are sanitized and cleaned between runs, but with a life-threatening food allergy, we wanted to share all of the facts available so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Do Musco olives have GMOs?

No. Both of our brands Pearls and Early California do not contain any ingredients that include GMOs. In fact many of our olives are now non-GMO Project Verified!

Are your olives gluten-free?

Heck yes! Olives are a gluten-free food and our olives are gluten-free. Most of our packaging should state this but some may still be in transition.

I’ve noticed that your ripe olives look more brown than black lately. What’s that about?

In some parts of the USA, Pearls now offers black ripe olives which use a special process that allows us to retain the olives’ natural brown-black color. The olive is still fully ripe, and fully delicious! If you’d like to learn more about our process (or receive a free sample!), please contact us for a free brochure.

Do your cans contain BPA?

Prior cans used by California olive packers contain a resin coating that contained trace amounts of BPA. Both processors are working with can suppliers to identify alternative linings. If the best buy date is 2021 the cans are non BPA. Anything that has the best buy date prior to 2021 are the older cans with the BPA lining.

The Olives to Go! plastic cups are and always have been BPA free!

If you have additional questions, please email [email protected]