Musco Family Promise

Our Promise is Simple: We Make a Good Thing Even Better

It’s a mantra passed down by our founder and repeated by everyone within our company. Making a good thing even better guides us — whether that’s a sun-kissed black ripe olive from California, an authentic Kalamata from Greece, or even the way we do business — we’re always working to ensure we’re bringing out the best in ourselves and others.

Olive Experts Since 18th Century, Sicily

We are an olive family with deep roots, tracing our olive heritage all the way back to 18th-century Sicily, where our founder, Nicolo Musco’s, great-great-great grandparents first cultivated a passion for olives. That olive expertise was passed from generation to generation, until Nicolo came to America and started Musco Family Olive Company. Still family-owned and family-run today, Nicolo’s values of quality, integrity and constant improvement still guide us. For generations, from our family to yours, our goal has always been to bring the best olives to your table.

The Best Olives from the Best Orchards

Not all olives are created equal. You need the right trees, the right growing conditions, and yes, the right farmers, to create an olive worthy of the Musco family name. Our family of olive experts goes to great lengths to grow and source the best olives around the world — from the sunny California fields where our black ripe olives thrive, to the warm, Mediterranean hills where our gourmet olives are grown. Our competitors can’t say the same, often sourcing the cheapest varieties, compromising quality and consistency. With Musco Family olives, you can rest assured there are no mystery olives in our cans, jars and cups. We grow and source only the best, because when you start with something good, you can only make it better.


California olive farmers we have long-term relationships with.

We Care, and Generate Nearly Zero Waste

As the most sustainable olive company in the U.S., we’re always looking for smart ways to make a positive impact on our communities and the Earth. A few examples: we’ve upcycled more than 2 billion gallons of the excess water from our olive-curing process, using it to irrigate an innovative, salt-loving crop that’s a nutritious feed for livestock. We’re committed to zero waste, which means we work to generate less waste from the start, and find creative uses for the natural by-products of our business, like exploring the process of turning olive pits into artificial turf for sports fields.

We’re also proud to have decades-long partnerships with local, family farms, keeping American farmers in business and ensuring each ripe olive we sell has a carbon footprint that’s 12x smaller than one that’s shipped from overseas. At Musco, every decision matters, so we try to use ours to do the most good.

2 Billion

Gallons of excess water recycled to irrigate NyPa grass (which cows love to eat!).