Nothing Artificial Tastes Better

Why are my Pearls Black Olives a More Natural Color Now?

Well, we simply removed everything but water and sea salt to make the most delicious Pearls ripe olive possible. Cool! But how exactly do you make the most delicious, natural ripe olive?

1. Start with the best trees, from the best orchards in California, growing the best variety of olive — the mighty manzanilla.
2. Add nothing but water & sea salt. No additives, preservatives, or artificial colors.
3. Unlike traditional olives, these new Pearls are not treated with ferrous gluconate, preserving the olives’ natural brown-black color.
4. Our “fresh cure” technique is the best way to make the most delicious “clean label” olive.

“Perfect saltiness. Plump and flavorful. There’s a burst of flavor when I bite into it, and a nice, natural brown color. These look like the best olives you can get from a can.”

~Consumer Taste Test Participant

Nothing Artificial

  • Just Olives, Water & Sea Salt
  • Natural Black-Brown Color
  • Delicious Buttery Flavor
  • 100% California Grown

These natural Pearls olives are now available at select retailers. Soon available everywhere; mother nature is busy growing more olives to meet demand!

Are you enjoying your new natural Pearls olives? Have questions? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected].