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"Musco is proof that innovative environmental solutions are not only attainable but also good business. You always can improve on a good thing." - Felix Musco, CEObag of olives
Black Olive
Take a tour! A can of olives has a robust program behind it!
Creating greater value for olive lovers, helping the health of our planet.
Environmental AchievementMusco Family Olive Co. is the leading supplier of table olives in America and our Tracy, CA plant is the most advanced olive processing facility in the world. But did you know we're also a leader in environmental sustainability?
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Social ResponsibilityMusco takes pride in being a responsible company and providing a safe, healthy, and inspiring environment for our employees. Musco currently employs over 200 full-time employees at its three locations, and employs...
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Black Olive "When you look at it holistically, it works all the way around. Were taking two waste streams, and from those we wind up with clean water and electricity." - Environmental Director Ben HallAir Emissions