Edible Charcuterie Board

Prep Time: 20 min Cook Time: 15 min
Servings: 4 Skill Level: medium

The next time you’re entertaining, here is a fun way to change up your everyday charcuterie board. Using home-made or store-bought pizza dough, create little “bowls” that can be used to nestle all your favorite accoutrements, cheese, and salami.

Recipe and image attributed by Chef Joe Sasto



  • Your choice of cheese and charcuterie meats
  • Your choice of Pearls canned ripe olives or Specialties jar olives

Homemade Dough: (or store bought pizza dough)

  • 100% Flour (75% Bread Flour / 25% Durum)
  • 66% Water
  • 2.1% Salt
  • 1% sugar
  • 1% malt powder (optional)
  • 3% olive oil
  • 1% instant yeast
  • Mix, fold, proof overnight, shape, proof, and bake 425F until golden.
  • **A tip for how much dough to put into any particular pan – take the area in inches (LxW) and multiply that number by 5. That is how many grams of dough you need for that size pan.

Cooking Instructions

Video on how to assemble

  1. Grease sheet pan, pour in your favorite olives, cherry tomatoes and herbs along with foil containers to make “little bowls” for the cheese and meats.
  2. Lay over your rolled out home made or store bought pizza dough, stretch to the pan edges and shaped around the foil containers.
  3. Oil the top with olive oil and then bake at 425F for 15 -20 minutes until golden.
  4. Allow to cool and then turn out into another sheet pan and slide onto a charcuterie board.
  5. Fill the holes in with your favorite charcuterie, cheese and of course more olives.
  6. Garnish to serve and eat by pulling chunks off the board and loading with meat, cheese and olives.

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